Trading Services

Premium 72 works hard to earn your trading business. Turn to us for the execution excellence you demand. We offer a broad array of equity and fixed income trading services. Our professional brokers provide personal attention and are your access to execution capabilities in more than 60 markets, with settlement in local or U.S. currency.
Through our fixed income trading desk, we offer access to numerous asset classes including Governments, Agencies, Municipals, Investment-grade and high-yield corporates, Preferred stock, Unit investment trusts, Brokered CDs, and Commercial paper.
Our commitment is to always provide the Best Execution.


Premium 72 routes 100% of its SEC 606-covered securities to its clearing broker, Pershing LLC, for routing and execution. Premium 72 does not receive compensation for directing order flow to Pershing LLC. Pershing LLC receives compensation for directing a portion of the order flow. Pershing LLC’s affiliate BNY Mellon Capital Markets, may act as principal when an order is routed to its market making desk. For additional information, you may visit

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